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Metal cold catalyst filter

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Features:The products in the various substrates filter catalyst deposited on the surface mixed powder, mixed powder catalyst contains the physical, chemical (including catalysis), simulation of biological enzyme purification, its interior a variety of paints, plastics emit formaldehyde purification efficiency of more than 95% , smokers and kitchen donkey combustion of carbon monoxide released from the purification efficiency of more than 85%, it is because there is a strong oxidizing ability, it also has antibacterial function.

New materials dedicated cold catalyst filter,This product set dust resistance, remove ammonia, remove formaldehyde, toluene and set the multi-function in one, which is characterized by each filter designed to purify a pollutant, and color-coded. Black mesh uses special catalyst which remove formaldehyde, which can be used to purify formaldehyde and general pollutants; red filter with the special remove the ammonia to catalytic ,for purifying ammonia and organic amines; Removing the blue filter with special catalytic toluene catalyst for purification of toluene and methyl mercaptan. The result of the new high efficiency filter cold catalyst material, has good purifying effect, long life characteristics. And a variety of filter combinations, both synergies have division of labor, to achieve the perfect purifying effect.

Metal cold catalyst filter

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