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Plate type primary efficiency filter

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This product is mainly suitable for Clement filtration equipment and is typically used in HVAC systems, ventilation systems, and air purifiers. This series of products has three different outer frames, paper frame, galvanized iron frame, and aluminum frame, and is equipped with various filtering levels and efficiencies, such as G1 to G4 levels, to meet the different purification needs of different equipment.
The filtering material for internal filling is usually filter cotton, which has good filtering effect and mechanical strength, and can effectively capture particles in the air, ensuring the stability and efficiency of the filter.
Paper frames are usually made of cardboard or paper materials, which are lightweight, easy to process and install, and have lower costs. But generally speaking, the service life of paper frame air filter pads is short and they need to be replaced regularly to maintain the filtering effect. The frequency of replacement cycles depends on factors such as air pollution level, filter usage environment, and filter type.
Galvanized iron frames are usually made of galvanized iron outer frames. Galvanizing treatment can improve the corrosion resistance of iron frames, making them better resistant to humidity, oxidation, and other environmental factors, thereby extending the service life of filters.
Aluminum alloy frames have the characteristics of being lightweight and corrosion-resistant, usually square or rectangular, making them easy to install and replace. The design of the aluminum frame ensures high stability and sealing of the filter pad during installation, preventing air from bypassing the filter and causing pollution. The maintenance of aluminum frame air filters is relatively simple, and regular replacement is generally sufficient. According to different usage environments, it is recommended to replace it every 3 to 6 months to ensure the filtration effect and normal operation of the air conditioning system.

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